So you want to work in Canada, but are unsure what to budget. We’ve been sending Kiwis to Canada for over 20 years so we know exactly what you should expect. At IEP we are upfront with all costs that are associated with a working holiday program. You will find that we offer some of the lowest program fees on the market – don’t pay more! Some companies will even try and package flights into the program fee – avoid that as they seriously mark up your flights.

The great thing about Work Canada City Jobs is that you will have a job offer locked down before you need to book flights or pay for insurance, which takes away the risk! If you don’t receive a job offer you will also receive a full refund of your program fee, so you have nothing to lose.

It’s also important to understand that not all of the costs below are paid at once. You can review our ‘How to Apply’ information that outlines when certain fees are paid.

Program Fee

Initial Deposit Fee: $295


Final Payment: $600 – paid within 8 weeks of your initial deposit. If you need a payment plan – just ask us! Want to pay in full – no worries. We are here to help you make the move to Canada!

*The total program fee is $895, but to get the ball rolling you only need to make an initial payment of $295!

IEC Canadian Working Holiday Visa Fee

IEC Visa Fee: CA$250

Biometrics Processing Fee: CA$85

Proof of funds

To be allowed to enter Canada on a 23 month Working Holiday Visa you must show a proof of funds of CA$2,500 (CA$3,500 without a return flight).


As part of the terms and conditions of Work Canada City Jobs, participants are required to have travel insurance booked through IEP for the duration of their employment contract. This is a condition of the employment agreement IEP has with employers to ensure participants have comprehensive insurance with a highly reputable insurer.


It is important to consider the range of costs associated with traveling overseas flights. Contact Katrina, our in-house STA Travel agent, to get a quote for flights, tours, accommodation and more on 0800 55 66 90 or katrina.savage@statravel.com


We are here to help, so if you have any questions about the program, visas or the Canada in general please call contact us here or call 0800 700 705.

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