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So you’ve decided you want to work at a summer camp in America and you’re ready to apply for Summer Camp USA – awesome! We are excited to have you join our camp team and get to know you. We pride ourselves on personal placement and it is important to us that you have a smooth application, so we’ve outlined the step by step process below.

Remember that we guarantee you a camp job or your money back – so there is nothing to lose when you apply for Summer Camp USA! If you do have any questions about costs or concerns about applying you can contact us or give us a call on 0800 700 705.

We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service on the market – if you aren’t happy after the initial phone call we will refund you in full.

Summer Camp USA 2021 applications are now open! Check out the simple step by step process below. When you’re ready, apply online here

Step 1

Apply online:
Applying is easy. We walk you through the entire process to ensure you get your dream camp placement! We will then be in touch with in 24-48 hours to start on the next step. Enquire for the 2021 season!

Step 2

Summer Camp Application:
We’ve reviewed your initial application and will now give you a call to welcome you to the program. We will answer any of your questions and set you up with your own login to a more detailed online camp application which will review:

  • Personal Information
  • Passport details
  • Work Experience
  • Experience working with kids
  • Leadership roles you’ve held in the past
  • Activities you enjoy/have experience in
  • Your top 3 skill choices (Swimming, Tennis, Ropes, Mountain biking, etc)

You will need to provide us with a photo for your application before we send it off to our summer camps. This is what the camp director will see – so keep it classy! No group shots, sun glasses, pets, partying. You want to be looking at the camera, smiling and friendly!

This is what the camp directors will see and hire you from. It is important that you put a lot of thought and time into this part of the application.

Step 3

In person or Skype interview:

We want to meet you! We pride ourselves on personal placement, which means we want to get to know you so we can find a summer camp that suits your skills, activities of interest and personality!

Step 4

Other Documents:

  • Passport: You need to upload a copy of the information page of your passport to your application.
  • References: You will also be required to get 2, but preferably 3, written references on our forms from a past employer, coach, instructor or teacher. If the reference is related to one of your top skill choices then that’s even better!
  • Police Record: Since you will be taking care of children you will need to get a police clearance record. We will provide with all of the paper work and instructions on how to get it.
  • Medical Form: You will need to go to your doctor/GP to get them to sign off on the medical form – just to say you are in good health and that you will be fine at camp.You don’t need to get any vaccinations at this stage, just the signature from your doctor
  • Relevant Certificates: If you have recent certificates that show off your skills then send them through! They will help to boost your application and make you look like a much stronger applicant to the camp directors.

Step 5

Applications sent to the US:
The application looks great, we’ve gotten to know you and we will send your application to camps in the US where we know you will have the best summer of your life!

You application can only be shown to one camp at a time. So you may get hired quite quickly or it could take a while. Patience is key here! We are working with our US camp team to get you that summer camp placement you’ve always dreamed of.

Step 6

Camp Interview:
The camp director will contact you via email and setup a Skype or phone interview. Here they will just want to get to know you a little bit more to make sure you are the right fit for their camp.

Step 7

You’re Hired:
The camp loved you – no surprise. They will send you a camp contract.

Step 8

Placement Fee, Visa & Flights:
Placement Fee: You now pay the Summer Camp USA placement fee of $300 which covers your SEVIS fee and basic medical insurance for the full duration of your time at camp

J1 Summer Camp USA Visa Fee: You got a placement, now we get the visa. We first assist you in getting what is called a DS2019, which you will exchange for the J1 Summer Camp Visa at your US consulate interview.

Flights: We have an in-house STA agent who you will be able to book your flights with. She books all of our summer campers’ flights, so she knows when you need to be there and what flights work best! You do not want to book a flight before you know where your camp is.

Step 9

Pre-departure Orientation:
It is a program requirement for you to attend a pre-departure orientation session.

Here our IEP Summer Camp USA expert will go through all the important information that you need – what to expect at camp, what your visa allows you to do, tipping in America, etc.

There are also icebreakers and a quiz, along with the chance to meet others heading over to Summer Camp.

Learn More 

If you’ve still got questions about the Summer Camp USA Application process before you sign up – Fill out a few details below and we will be in touch by phone and email within a day or two!

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If you’ve still got questions about the Summer Camp USA Application process before you sign up – Fill out a few details below and we will be in touch by phone and email within a day or two!

Summer Camp USA Enquiry Form

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