Return to Camp for $599

Return to Camp for $599


If you have already been a summer camp counselor you can return through us whether or not you originally went through IEP New Zealand! You know what you need to do, you don’t need much help so may as well get it done – no fuss.

More Money in your Pocket

Why? As a returning counselor you’ll be earning more than the standard first-timer rate. You are free to negotiate your pay with your Summer Camp and can receive a salary of up to US$2,200.

How much is it going to cost me?

Initial Deposit Fee: $199

Final Payment $400 – paid within 8 weeks of your initial deposit. If you need a payment plan – just ask! Want to pay in full – no worries. We are here to get you back to camp!

*The total program fee is $599, but to get the ball rolling you only need to make an intial payment of $199!

What other costs should I think about?

You’ve been to camp already so you’re probably across these but its worth double checking:

USA Visa Fee

J1 Visa fee: $160USD

Proof of funds

$400USD – a required amount of savings you will need to support yourself upon arrival


If you went through IEP last year you already would have had your flights booked by Katrina – the in house STA Travel agent at IEP. As a Returner you are able to book your own flights to get to Camp – but we strongly recommend that you talk to Treens! She is there to help you find the best deal with the most comfortable airline – but most importantly just wants you to have a great time. Get in touch with Treens at


Anything can happen while you’re at camp or afterwards when you are travelling around. You already know that as part of working in the USA as a Summer Camp USA Counselor you must have an approved insurance policy. Our visa sponsor requires that everyone on our Returner program gets program insurance through us. That’s why a medical insurance policy is provided as a part of your program fee for the duration of your camp contract. If you need more coverage we can help with that too – Contact us 03 9329 3866 to find out about insurance options and costs.