What is amazing about the Work USA program is you get to choose where you work and live. Whether you want to do something related to your career/studies or take a more casual approach – it is up to you!

Over 60% of participants on the Work USA program gained work experience related to their careers! Our participants have worked in a variety of industries; Marketing/Advertising, Engineering, Design, Finance, Film/Television, Music, IT, Hospitality and more!

If you want to try and pre arrange employment before you leave home you can. We always recommend contacting companies you admire to see if they have any roles available, even if they haven’t posted any opportunities on their websites.

We also provide a number of online resources (see below) to help you get started. Remember that finding your dream job will take some time and persistence pays off! Even if you don’t pre arrange employment, by contacting employers it allows you to start establishing a network in the US.

Another amazing job resource are our participants! Once you are on the program you will also be added to our closed Work USA Facebook group where you can speak with others on the program as well as get great advice.

If you need some advice or tips feel free to contact us or give us a call on 0800 700 705.

*You do not need a pre-arranged job prior to travelling to get the visa.