Finding a job is probably one of the hardest things you will do on your working holiday in Canada. Making sure your CV/Resume is in the proper Canadian format and knowing where to look can be confusing and very stressful. With the support offered through our Work Canada program you can avoid all of the stress and streamline your move to Canada!

Work Canada provides you with the resources you need for a successful job search in Canada. We offer loads of useful online websites to assist in your search, but also have local Canadian staff on the ground in Canada to provide expert advice and guidance. They will help you get set up in no time! You can review in detail the Work Canada program inclusions here.

Canada’s economy is very strong and jobs are plentiful with the support of the Work Canada program. Whether you are looking to work a winter season at a ski resort in Canada or career related work in Toronto or Vancouver – Canada is not short on options!

Employment support in Canada includes:

  • CV & cover letter formatting guidelines and reviews
  • Up to date employment contacts in Canada
  • Seasonal Job Fairs at both our Toronto and Vancouver inbound centres
  • Bi-weekly Hot Job Emails
  • Access to computers, internet, fax machines and printers to assist you in your search
  • Exclusive access to our online members lounge with employment listings throughout Canada
  • Helpful staff on the ground to provide support and guidance

Check out all of the employment support and resources you get on the Work Canada program now!

If you want to learn more about the job market just contact us with your questions or come along to a FREE info session!

Jobs in Toronto

Finding a job in Toronto is easy on the IEP Work Canada program. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and boasts a very healthy economy. Our inbound centre, which is located in downtown Toronto, is fully equipped with computers, internet, printers and helpful staff to assist you in your job search. We have heaps of employment contacts in a variety of industries around Toronto i.e. hospitality/admin, retail, bar, restaurant, and even some career related. Most participants of the Work Canada program find a job in Toronto after only a few weeks of job searching. If you are looking for a ‘big city’ experience this is the spot for you!

Jobs in Vancouver

Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city and, like Toronto, has a very healthy economy. With a large tourism sector finding work through our partners is easy. Not only can you find employment in Canada’s tourism sector, but past participants have found work in hospitality, retail, admin and even career related industries like film and IT! The inbound centre is packed full of resources to help you find a job in Vancouver faster. Seasonal employment jobs fairs, bi-weekly hot job emails, an online member’s website, weekly CV & job hunting work shops make your move to Canada smooth.

Finding work elsewhere in Canada

Not heading to where we have an inbound centre? No worries! SWAP has a new online member’s lounge where you can find Canadian employment listings, CV templates, popular resort employers and much more. Our staff are only an email or toll free phone call away. Regardless of where you base yourself in Canada we will be able to assist you in your job search!

Now that you know that IEP New Zealand can help you find a job in Canada, check out to see if you are eligible for the Work Canada program!

Want a pre arranged job?

If you want to go to Canada stress free with a job in hand then check out the Work Canada Winter Jobs or Work Canada Summer Jobs program. For these programs we pre arrange jobs in Canada all before you leave New Zealand.

Finding work in Canada can be difficult. If you need clarification on anything, fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch by phone and email!

Finding work in Canada can be difficult. If you need clarification on anything, fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch by phone and email!

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