Shiga International Ski School

Shiga International Ski School is located at Okushiga Kogen in Shigakogen, Nagano which is a national park at the largest ski area in Asia. With some of the best snow in the world with winters averaging over 12m of dry light powder (and very close to the snow monkeys too!) The school provides lessons for any international or domestic guests looking to take ski or snowboard lessons in English. They need qualified instructors and rental staff from all around the globe with diverse teaching experience.

Fast Facts

  • Season: December – March
  • Accommodation:Yes
  • Interview location:Skype

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Staff Accommodation at Shiga International Ski School

Yes but you must pay rent. Couple rooms also available.

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Jobs at Shiga International Ski School

  • Qualified Ski Instructors
  • Ski Rental Staff

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Perks of working at Shiga International Ski School:

Great Team, Great Location, Great Mountain, Great Accommodation and some of the best snow and terrain to ski and teach on in Japan!

  • Season pass for all of Shiga Kogen (19 ski areas)
  • Subsidized accommodation
  • Meals included while working (discounted when not working)
  • Discounts on shop items as well as hotel
  • Domestic transfer from Tokyo refunded

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