A working holiday hasn’t exactly been around since tourism began. They are a part of the changing world of travel and tourism.  When you think of travel, you think of relaxation, beaches and exploring new places, but you also think of how expensive it can be. Nowadays, most travellers want to experience different cultures first hand, which is why backpacking has become so popular. However, it can still be a staged experience which doesn’t truly show an organic culture.  So how can you gain that organic experience without wandering off the beaten track all the time?

This is where the concept of a working holiday has been introduced. Never heard of it before? It basically allows you to work and travel in a destination of your choice. Popular places include the USA, Britain and Canada. Have you ever wanted to travel to Vancouver but wanted to stay for more than a couple of weeks? You could be working for a minimum of 5 months and experiencing life as a Canadian in a ski resort. Or if you have recently completed tertiary study and want to put all that knowledge to good use, why not gain some work experience over in the USA?! Pubs are always a fun place to Work in Britain, especially the Irish ones if that tickles your fancy.

But of course there is more to it than just work, there will be plenty of opportunities to travel and explore the country you’re working in. One of the many benefits of a working holiday is meeting new people, which means you could have a road trip buddy! Some working holiday employers have benefits for their staff, such as a discounted or even free ski lift passes for the season. You don’t have to work at the same job for the whole time either. This gives you an amazing opportunity to work in more than one city if you wanted to. Most visa sponsors give you advice on places to go and attractions to see along the way.

So how is a working holiday different to backpacking or more traditional methods of travel? For starters, you don’t have to worry about your bank account slowly drying up. You can earn money while you are on holiday, to spend while you’re on holiday. This means you can do everything that is on your bucket list and more! It is also a great alternative travel method because you can be in your destination for up to two years, depending on the working visa terms and conditions. That gives you plenty of time to immerse yourself in the lives of locals, and become one yourself.

One thing a lot of participants think about is what they’ll do when they return from their holiday. A key thing is being able to talk about your experience, and be able to write it on your CV. Future employers love employees that have different experiences because they can provide unique insights and opinions for the business. You will also have never ending stories about your trip so conversations at the dinner table will never be dull. It is also a great idea to keep in touch with the many friends you made while on holiday, and who knows, you may plan a trip with them in the future.

Working holidays are the new version of backpacking. They provide organic and unique experiences and allow you to work AND travel in a destination. Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it. Give us a call, come to a free info evening or contact us at IEP so we can get you started today!