Live in Canada for a Second Time!


So, you’ve used up your IEC Working Holiday Visa and really want to head back to work in Canada? Not a problem – the Work Canada Returner Program is here! This program deals with a new working holiday visa for Canada called the IEC Young Professional Visa. This is an employer-specific visa for New Zealanders that actually allows you to return to Canada to work after you have used up your one IEC Participation.


With this program, we work alongside our partner organisation SWAP, who is located in Canada and acts as the Recognised Organisation for the visa application and we’re both here to help you with each step of the process for you heading back to Canada!


The eligibility requirements for the Work Canada Returner program are a little bit more in-depth than the Working Holiday Visa requirements you are used to, so please bear with us as we go through these with you. You as an applicant must be between the ages of 18 – 35, hold an NZ passport, hold health insurance for the duration of your trip and have no serious criminal convictions (much the same as the Working Holiday Visa). For the Young Professional Visa, you will also need to have a relevant job offer from an employer that contributes to your professional development and your employer must be willing to pay the $230CAD employer fee for the visa. The job that you are offered will also need to have a job offer that is classified under a National Occupational Code (NOC) of either 0, A or B. I know that this may seem like a bunch of jargon at this stage, so I have attached a little further information on the NOC codes below:


Type O – Management type roles, e.g. restaurant manager, store manager, department manager etc.


Level A – Professional jobs that usually call for a degree from a university.


Level B – Technical jobs and skilled trades that usually call for a college diploma or training as an apprentice, such as Ski Instructors, Ski Patrollers, Chefs etc.


Below you can find a link to some more specific information regarding NOC codes if you would like to look up your specific role:


The job offer must have a start date of at least 56 Days from when your employer will submit the job offer in the employer portal to allow enough time for Biometrics to be processed for the applicant. Speaking of which, let us introduce you to Biometrics!


Biometrics is a new step that Canadian Immigration have added in to the application process for both the Working Holiday Visa and the Young Professional visa. Biometrics is essentially a scan of your Fingerprints, Eyes and also a photo of yourself and this must be completed at a Canadian Visa Application Centre (CVAC) upon request. In New Zealand, the only CVAC is located in Auckland and if you are currently in Canada, you will need to head to a CVAC in either Los Angeles or New York. Biometrics is the last step of the process so there’s nothing to stress about at this stage – Once you have submitted your final application and paid you $150.00 personal contribution towards your account, you will receive a Biometrics Request letter, you will then have 30 days to book your Biometrics appointment and get this completed and uploaded with your application.


If everything is timed right then you may be able to roll straight into your YP visa from your WHV.


The timeframe for the YP Visa application process is between 8-12 weeks. As part of this process, your employer will be required to create a job offer in the employer portal, at which point they will pay the $230CAD Employer Contribution fee – we will obviously send you the exact information on how to get this completed to pass on to your employer as soon as you are is up to the correct point in the process. If you want to stay in Canada while you wait for a decision on your new IEC visa, you must apply to extend your stay as a visitor before your work permit expires. However, you can’t continue working. This will cost $100CA and you will need to apply at least 30 days BEFORE your work permit expires.


The application process for the participant is much the same as the process for the Working Holiday Visa as the application is run through the same portal and the required documentation from you will be the same as your WHV required documents (Passport, Police Check, Resume, Digital Photo) as well as a couple of extras which we will provide.


Once you have applied for the Work Canada Returner program, we will conduct an over the phone screening call to run through some specific eligibility questions and you will also need to fill out an application form that will need to be approved by our partner organisation in Canada. Once the application has been approved then it’s all go!


If you are ready to get back to Canada for a second round – get your application in here! Bare in mind we have limited allocation for this visa each year. If we have run out for the year, still pay your deposit – it will put you in line for a visa in the next year. If we can’t get your visa for you in the following year – we will refund your deposit.