There are many different types of Summer Camps in America. Each one with a long history of tradition and their own unique way of looking after campers.

The main sorts of camps are overnight camps where children stay for the full 7-9 weeks of the summer. Then there are camps where campers also stay overnight but just for 2 or 3 weeks. Lastly, there are camps where campers stay during the day while their parents are at work and go home at night and the weekends. So, there are many different styles of camp you could attend!

Private Camps

Typical camps, where campers stay the whole summer, are private camps. These are usually run by families and parents pay large fees to send their children to these camps. Campers and their siblings usually attend this camp every summer until they finish school. Often these camps are also religious camps, these usually involve a prayer before eating and temple once a week. You don’t have to be of their religion to attend these camps.

Specialist Camps

There are also specialist camps where children go to develop a skill. These include performing arts camps, soccer camps or gymnastic camps where all the staff have a lot of experience teaching that skill. The children at these camps either pay to attend or receive scholarships from their sports teams or schools to head along.

Underprivileged Camps

Underprivileged camps are for American children whose parents can’t afford to send them to camp. All the children attend on scholarships and stay for 2-3 weeks. After that a new set of scholarship campers will come, you will usually have three groups of children per summer. These camps don’t usually have whole families attend but one child is chosen from each family.

Special Needs Camps

Finally, there are camps for children and young adults with disabilities. These camps run a bit differently from the other camps. Carers usually attend with the children and the groups are a lot smaller than usual.

When you apply you can specify your top three choices for type of camps and we will try our best to get you placed in one of those camps.