The Struggle for the Traditional Kiwi OE

The OE to London has been part of Kiwi folklore for twenty somethings for the past 40+ years. Most people know someone who has embraced this experience. Whether it was a parent, sibling, cousins or friends 100,000s of Kiwi’s have worked in the UK on working holiday visas. In the past this opportunity was relatively simple and cheap, unfortunately the powers that be in the UK Government have slowly been changing the process increasing the price for this rite of passage.

In 2016 they created the Immigration Health Surcharge to cover use of the NHS which added £300 and £1000 to the cost of the Youth Mobility and Ancestry visas respectively. Sadly in 2018 another increase is on the horizon:

  • The Youth Mobility Scheme is currently £300 increasing to £600 – with the total visa cost becoming £835.
  • Ancestry visa is currently £1,000 increasing to £2,000 – and the total visa will become a whopping £2,496.

There has not been an official date given for this increase, however after some deep investigation we believe this will be happening around the 6th April 2018 (Disclaimer | This investigation was conducted based on the date of the last change on April 6 and it is also the end of the UK tax year – as you can see we will not be moonlighting as detectives, rather we will stick to our 9-5 of making your life easy helping you get your UK visa before the change).

So how do you save money? Simple, sign up to our one of our UK programs and we can be sure to have everything submitted before these increases come into effect. This will save you either £300 or £1,000 on your visa.

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