UK Visa Processing Time Extended

If you are thinking of taking that Gap Year to the UK in 2017 we’ve got some amazing news for you! As of the 6th January 2017 the UK Border agency have updated their visa processing time for the Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) visa. Previously you could not apply for the visa more than 3 months in advance to when you were arriving in the UK. This has now been extended so you can apply 6 months from arrival into the UK. Wahoo!


What does this actually mean for you?

  1.  More travel! You can now travel for longer prior to entering the UK. We’ve had lots of participant who wanted to hit up South East Asia before they start their working holiday in the UK. Previously you could travel only travel for approx. 6 weeks, which isn’t that long of time! Now you can travel up to approx. 18 weeks prior to arrival… even more if you get the visa priority service!
  2. Less stress! You now have more time to start and complete the application before you travel. Now we aren’t encouraging you to put off that application – you can complete it earlier allowing for no stress.
  3. Easier travel options for Summer Camp Counsellors! Since the Summer Camp USA program can run for up to 10 weeks getting a UK visa prior to camp wasn’t possible. With the new changes we can now organize that UK visa before you even leave for camp!
  4. Book that Contiki! Plenty of our travellers want to do a Contiki before arriving to London, but it was very tricky to organize with limited start dates and tours up to 7 weeks. With the new regulations you should now have no issue with booking your dream Contiki tour.

Are you eligible for the UK Youth Mobility Visa?


So you are ready to start your UK adventure! The first step it to make sure you are eligible for the UK visa. We can help you obtain this visa as long as you fulfil the following criteria:

  • Hold an New Zealand or Australian passport
  • Be aged between 18 and 30 (your visa application must be received by the UK Border Agency before your 31st birthday)
  • Show proof of having at least £1890 in your bank account on the date you complete your visa application

If you are unsure if you are eligible to work in the UK please contact us here.

How can we help you on your travels to the UK?


We have a variety of programs to help you on your travels to the UK! Whether you have mates in the UK and only want a visa or want a pre arranged job before you leave home we can help!


Work Britain Visa Kick Start


It’s no secret that getting a UK visa is confusing and can be costly! A single error on your application will result in a declined visa application and cost you approx. $900 in visa fees. For only $195 we guarantee you get the visa. Learn more here.


Work Britain


This is one of our best value programs! You get all of the visa assistance of the Work Britain Visa Kick Start program (GUARANTEED visa), plus 2 days accommodation, access to our office in downtown London, job & accommodation listings, heaps of social functions, members website full of vital info and much more. This program is only $395 and will allow you to get up and running quickly in the UK! Learn more here.


Work Britain Pub Jobs


If you want to live and work at a pub in the UK; this is the program for you! This program includes both Work Britain Visa Kick Start (GUARANTEED Visa) + Work Britain (24 months support in the UK) and a pre-arranged pub job with live-in accommodation. Let us do all the work (other than pulling the pints) for $1290. Learn more here.


Work Britain Arrival Package


Maybe you have a UK passport or already organized your UK visa, but want a little help getting set-up… This is the program for you! Let us organize your bank account, tax number, provide assistance in finding permanent work and accommodation, social events, money transfer and much more! Learn more here.


Not sure what to do?


If you aren’t sure what options are the best for you just give us a call on 0800 700 705, contact us here or come a long to one of our FREE information evenings where you can learn all about living and working overseas!