6 Great Canadian Cities

Canada is an incredibly diverse place both culturally and naturally. From the hundreds of different cultures in Vancouver, to the oil and cowboy culture of Calgary to the quasi-European history of Montréal and the Gaelic history of the Maritimes – the culture is rich. That’s not to mention the rich blue glacial lakes and sky-high mountain ranges of British Columbia, the open prairies of Saskatchewan, to the sound-esque landscape of the Maritimes which are equally as rich and diverse as Canada’s culture. Learn a little more about what a few of the great Canadian cities have on offer!



Toronto boasts Canada’s largest population by city and is often referred to as being a smaller, Canadian version of New York City. There is so much on offer in Toronto which is what makes it one of the world’s most live-able cities! Toronto is home to a few major sports teams – Toronto Maple Leafs (National Hockey League), Toronto Blue Jays (Major League Baseball), Toronto Raptors (National Basketball Association) just to name a few. Aside from the rich sport culture, Toronto is quickly becoming a major food mecca for restaurateurs and restaurant-goers alike and has an incredible reputation for pushing culinary boundaries! Toronto is also the home of music-mogul Drake who consistently puts out banger after banger. But the music scene doesn’t stop there. With countless reputable music venues, recording studio’s and record stores it’s no wonder Toronto is a musical power house. Not only is Toronto overflowing with culture, it is surrounded by some amazing natural attractions. Most notably, Horseshoe Falls (Canadian half of Niagara Falls) is only a short 1.5-hour drive from the city center.


Ottawa is home to the most educated people in the country! 50%+ population graduating from College/University and has highest per capita concentration of engineers, scientists and PhD Residents. Not only a scholarly city, Ottawa is also home to an array of boutiques, museums, theaters and galleries to get your fix of culture during your visit! Perhaps the most enticing city feature is their propensity to throw great parties! Winterlude, Bluesfest and the Canadian Tulip Festival are just a couple of the innumerable festivals that happen in the city every year!


Montréal is a beautiful old city that is a strong contender for the traditional culture capital of Canada. The historic part of the city, ‘Old Montréal’ allows you the illusion of stepping back in time without giving up modern comforts. After a stroll through history step back to reality and head to the (free) Montréal Museum of Fine Arts to get your dose of art! Chill out at Parc Du Mont-Royal, the green space in the center of the city before checking out the idyllic, Gothic Revival Basilique Notre-Dame. If you are lucky enough to be there at the right time you should head to the International Jazz Festival of Montréal, the city’s biggest party!


Calgary is a relatively young city and owes its rapid growth to its being the center of Canada’s Oil Industry. Despite its economic significance the cities nickname “Cowtown” stems from an event somewhat unrelated – the Calgary Stampede. Head to Calgary in July and step into the wild west. The enormous event takes over the city and there is nothing you can do but embrace it and get along!

The Maritimes

The Maritimes are a grouping of three Eastern Canadian provinces – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Although not one City, The Maritimes, like other major cities in Canada, represent a unique way of life worth experiencing. New Brunswick is most known for the Bay of Fundy, its extreme tides such as the Reversing Falls and the incredible whale watching in the area. Nova Scotia consists of a peninsula and offshore islands that are inhabited by puffins and seals. Its pretty common to get out on the water in a kayak too! Finally, Prince Edward Island is best known for its dramatic red-sand beaches, amazing seafood like lobster and mussels and fertile farmland that produce the famous PEI Potato. What would Poutine be without PEI Potatoes!


The portal to British Columbia – Vancouver is the starting point for many travelers to take their quintessential Canada Photo’s (Lakes, Mountains, Trees etc.) Although it’s a thoroughfare for the great wilderness of British Columbia, Vancouver in and of itself is surrounded by natural beauty. The harbor, Grouse Mountain, Stanley park and Capilano River Regional Park are just a few of the highlights but cross the Straight of Georgia and it opens another outdoor playground in Vancouver Island. Aside from the Natural beauty, Vancouver has a bustling city center and is incredibly culturally diverse which makes for some killer cuisine! Don’t forget to pop to Granville Island for a taste of the local craft beer scene too.



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