Startup jobs in NYC & San Francisco for Kiwis


IEP has recently joined forces with the awesome talent platform company Planted, meaning finding work in the USA has just become so much easier! Planted is a talent community which assists recent graduates and young professionals in finding roles at start-ups in New York and San Francisco, and best of all it is FREE!

Take a read below to understand who Planted is and how they can help you!


Who is Planted?


Planted is a talent platform that connects candidates with high growth startups for non-technical jobs and internships, such as business development, marketing and operations. It is a community where young professionals can grow their careers at high-impact, meaningful jobs and where top companies can find the best fits to grow their teams. If you’re a recent graduate or young professional looking for what’s next, Planted finds you the perfect fit when you’re ready to grow.


Why Start Ups?


A start up is not the same as a small business. Start-ups have an intended goal to scale, grow and become a larger company. Due to this goal, start-ups are more committed to making changes, observing and measuring what happens. Working at a start-up means you will be involved in trying new strategies and helping to create new paths for the company to work in. Most startup are fast paced environments with constant change and a lot of room to grow.  Positive aspects of working in a start-up company include:

  • You’ll be hands-on from day one
  • You’ll be exposed to many more tasks that just what your job title implies
  • You’ll learn how to make your own ideas real


What jobs are available?


The types of roles that are filled range from sales to business development, marketing, analytics, customer service, and admin. The most common openings are definitely in sales and customer experience. But these opportunities scale across all kinds of industries like ed-tech, cuisine, media, entertainment, fashion, med-tech, fin-tech, and many more.




Working in a sales role means your goal is to close deals and engage with potential customers and clients. This will include reaching out to prospects, persuading and persevering with customers daily.

Job titles to watch out for:

  • Sales/Market/Business Development Representative
  • Sales Associate
  • Account Executive


Customer Experience


If you are working within Customer Experience (Customer Service) then the majority of your role is going to be problem solving, educating users and ensuring the happiness of all of the clients.

Job titles to watch out for:

  • Customer Experience/Success/Support/Service
  • Account Manager




Working in a marketing role is a broad umbrella of which there are a few distinctive categories. Often recognized as content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing… the list goes on. The specific tasks vary with each role but the main focus is to use all channels available to express the start-up’s message to the world.

Job titles to watch out for:

  • Digital/Content/Email/Social Media/Search Engine Marketing Coordinator
  • User Acquisition Analyst
  • Growth Analyst




If you are working in an operations role the main focus is to make sure the business is running smoothly at all times. Your tasks will be different dependent on what kind of start up you are working for but ultimately you are the glue that holds all the different departments of the company together.

Job titles to watch out for:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Operations Associate
  • Logistics Coordinator


How to sign up?


It’s easy to sign up on Planted, and even better — it’s FREE!!!

You will first need to create a profile where you upload information about you, then each day you can sign into the app or website and say yes or no to the personalized batch of jobs that appear on your screen.

When you click “yes” this will go through to Planted who will determine if you are going to be a good fit for the role, and if so, an interview with the company will be organized and the application process begins.

You are able to create your profile here

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Planted today and secure an awesome job at a start-up company!!

How to get a J1 visa?


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