Are you struggling with the daily grind and need a change? If you are sick of the same old routine of; waking up, rushing through breakfast only to sit in traffic, working (or at least trying to look like you’re working) with people you most likely don’t like, then sitting in traffic again, only to get home and realise you have no food and need to go back out…argh!?!

What if we told you it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could work in a place that inspires adventure! That your new office comes with 360 degree views of mountain tops. Your work breaks aren’t spent scrolling through Facebook in the breakroom, but carving down a powder filled slopes. This isn’t a dream, this is Work Canada Winter Jobs.

Ski Resort Jobs in Canada = Work Canada Winter Jobs


Work Canada Winter Jobs allows you to secure your dream job at a Canadian ski resort all before you even leave home! Some of Canada’s top winter resorts are coming to hire Kiwis face to face in 2017.

You choose the resorts & jobs you interview for (you get to interview with two winter resorts) and jobs come with some amazing perks; free ski passes, resort discounts, staff accommodation and much more.

Quit the grind – start the adventure!


Where can I work?


Once you apply for Work Canada Winter Jobs we will provide you with loads of information on our Canadian Ski Resorts; resort & mountain stats, accommodation info, job descriptions, salaries and start dates. After reviewing the information you let us know your top two choices and we organize the face to face interviews.

You choose where you work – it’s your dream trip!


What about work visas – tax numbers – bank accounts?


You don’t have to stress about the process of securing that visa, or arranging your tax number/bank account as we walk you through all of that. We make sure you have everything you need to have your dream Canadian working holiday.

We assist with visas/tax numbers/bank accounts – no stress for you!


How do I get there & what happens when I arrive to Canada?


We offer group flights to Vancouver so you can fly to Canada with your winter resort colleagues – see you at the airport pub prior to departure 😉   Once in Canada we can organise group transfers to your winter resort making the journey easy.

Group fights & arrival transfers – travel with your mates!


How do I start the adventure?


So you’re ready to leave the traffic & daily mundane grind behind and start your very own Canadian adventure. First thing you need to do is check out the costs of a working holiday to Canada. Once you review those, it starts with a simple click (here), fill out the online application and make the program payment. Once that is complete we will be in touch within 24/48 hours.

A simple click starts the adventure – make it happen.


Want more info on Canada, the Ski Resort Jobs, Visas…. Everything!


If you have questions about your Canadian adventure come to one of our free info session to learn more.

Can’t make it – no worries – request a call back here – email us here.