Japan might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about a gap year, but it should be.


Typically it’s the classic UK OE exploring the Wonders of forgotten European civilisations and intimidating Castles that everyone seems to have fantasized about, or heading to Canada for the world class scenery and incredible skiing. All these options are great and well worth doing, but what if I told you a working holiday in Japan can have all this and more, without the need to visit 2 different Continents?


Working and traveling in Japan has something for everybody. From beautiful, bloody history, full of Ancient traditions and stunning architecture to High-tech, world leading technology. For the Adrenalin Junkies who can’t get enough of the Winter sports. Every year Mountains all over Japan are blessed with meters of pristine Champagne Powder which sits in a league of its own.


Now that you’re excited about heading over to the Land of the rising sun to live and work, you will need to get your visa sorted. Below are some of the must see & do’s to help make your application planning easier! Most Japanese adventures start in Tokyo so here are a few activities you need to add to your Japanese bucket list:



Mario Kart


What better way to get to know your new Country than with a Tokyo City tour to take in all the sights and sounds! This isn’t your standard tour bus, get up close and personal with this nostalgic Mario kart style race around the Tokyo. Pick your favourite costume, grab some mates and go for it. You’ll be driving on real roads at speeds of up to 60kph so best to leave the banana peels at home!




Robot Café


After a busy day tearing around the Streets of Tokyo why not continue the Crazy and head to the famous Robot Café. Not for the faint of heart,

this loud and colourful assault on your senses is unlike anything you would have seen before! Expect to see Dinosaurs and robots thrown together with a bunch of lasers, crazy dancing and drums into a truly awesome experience you will never forget!



Snow Monkeys


After the Chaos that Tokyo is, you might want to take things at a slower pace and check out some of the natural wonders Japan has to offer. Located at the base of the Shiga Kogen Region in Jigokudani, also known as Hell’s Valley you will find the Japanese Macaques. If you manage to visit during the winter months you’ll most likely find these guys hanging out in the local Onsens (Japanese Hot pools). Not bothered at all by human presence you will be able to get some great snaps of these cute little snow monkeys.



Cherry Blossom Season



As the cold Winter draws to a close it means one thing in Japan, the arrival of the Cherry Blossom season. Drawing thousands of tourists every year why not head to the city of Nara to witness this spectacular event. The first permanent capital of Japan is home to some of Japan’s oldest and largest temples including a number of World Heritage sites. Share the natural beauty with 100’s of friendly deer that roam the park. You can even buy deer crackers for

these incredibly polite animals who will bow to you if they would like to be fed.


Your main reason for visiting Japan should be to experience their unique culture and way of life and any work should be casual to supplement your travel. While you’re over there make the most of this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. Take the leap and start your application today! You won’t be disappointed. If you are interested in working at a winter resort, sign up for Work Japan Winter Jobs. Not sure what work you want to do and keen to take a look once you get there – sign up for Work Japan Visa Kickstart for visa assistance.