Presidential-Election-and-J1- Visa

The Presidential Election and the J1 Visa

Maybe like us you were surprised at the results of last night’s US presidential election. We think it is best to address some of the questions we’ve been asked surrounding the J1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program that allows young New Zealanders and Australians to work in the USA.

What is going to happen to the J1 Visa?

During his campaign President Trump called to terminate the State Departments J1 Visa Exchange Visitor program, which could spell an end of some for IEP’s Summer Camp USA and Work USA programs. While this is a major concern for us and young Kiwis and Australians, we do feel it is important to touch on a few things before hitting the panic button!

  1. Nothing has changed! If you are currently on our J1 visa program, nothing has changed. You will NOT be deported. All of the J1 programs remain active and ending/closing programs of this nature isn’t as easy as just flipping the switch or closing a gate.
  2. Change takes time. For the federal government to make any changes to the J1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program it would need to be approved by the Congress and the Department of State and like most governments these discussions take time.
  3. Who is the Trump Team… President Trump will still need to appoint senior staff and appoint who will lead the Bureau of Educational and Culture Affairs. This will take some time before the team comes together and they formulate their exact plan.
  4. Republicans don’t hate the J1 visa Exchange Visitor Program! Under previous republican administrations the programs have flourished, so it is short sighted to expect them to pull the plug on such a successful program.
  5. Don’t panic! Our partners in the US have prepared for this. Over the years they’ve increased local engagement with elected officials to ensure their voices are heard. They are all, more than ever, working together to ensure the livelihood of the program.

What should you do?

The answer is easy… travel now! If you were wanting to work as a camp counsellor on Summer Camp USA or head to the US after you complete university on the Work USA program do it! The programs and visa hasn’t changed. If anything be sure to take advantage of the opportunity now while it is available.

How do I keep up to date on J1 visas?

We are always in contact with our partners in the US regarding the J1 visa and will continue to do so. If you want the most up to date information be sure you join our mailing list so you don’t miss any vital information.

What American programs does IEP offer?

IEP New Zealand has a variety of programs in the USA allowing you to spend anywhere from 8 week to 12 months living and working in America!

  • Work USA allows NZ/AU university students and recent grads to live and work anywhere in the US. Where you live and work is completely up to you! This is an EXCLUSIVE visa for Kiwis and Aussie. .
  • Work USA Winter Jobs secures you a pre-arranged ski resort job at an amazing American winter resort all before you even leave New Zealand or Australia! .
  • Summer Camp USA allows you to spend 8-10 weeks between the months of June and August living and working in the US as a camp counsellor.

To learn more about any of our working holiday programs come to one of our free information evenings where we talk about working in the USA, Summer Camp USA, Canada & UK.

You can also contact us here, call 0800 700 705 or find us on Facebook.