So you want to work at a winter resort in Canada, but don’t know much about what kind of jobs are available. Let us give you a brief overview of some of the roles available at Canadian ski resorts as we list some of the pros and cons that come with each role. Hopefully this will help you make an informed decision for when you are selecting your jobs for the Work Canada Winter Jobs program.


Types of Jobs at Canadian Jobs


Rental Shop


Organising/fitting boots/skis/boards for customers. This is a popular job for a couple of key reasons!



  • It’s social; you’re indoors all day interacting with customers and other team members, unlike lift ops where you could be working solo.
  • Ride breaks; who doesn’t want to do some turns on their breaks? When it is slow you typically get to ride


  • It’s repetitive – sorting and sizing equipment

Lift Operator


Greeting all customers and ensuring they safely get on the lifts.



  • Great vibe; it always seems like the lift ops team is having a great time at work having a chat with the guests
  • Ride Breaks; quality runs on your breaks since you are already up the mountain!
  • Fresh tracks; this is what ski bums dream of and working lift ops allows you to be first up the mountain in the morning


  • Shovelling snow; a major part of your role is keeping the ramps smooth for guests. It may be a novelty at first, but you will quickly see why most Canadians dislike this winter job
  • It’s cold; yah, this should be obvious… it’s a Canadian ski resort, but some don’t realise how cold it gets. Be sure to check that out before you apply for this role.

On Mountain Food & Beverage


Feeding and caffeinating the masses as they come off the mountain to re-energize themselves for more runs. Typically there are a lot of these roles available at the resort, so they are definitely worth a look when selecting your job.



  • Team environment; you work with the same people so you develop a ‘work family’ which is nice when so far away from home
  • It’s warm; you’re working indoors and don’t have to battle the snow and the wind chill
  • Free food; A definite perk of this role is the free or discounted meals!


  • Fewer ride breaks than other roles (lift ops), but it is possible when slow

Bars & Restaurants


Pulling pints, taking food orders and delivering food… all with a smile and a bit of personality. These roles are very popular and competitive to get.



  • Tips; Canada is a tipping culture, so with some good customer service and your lovely accent you tend to do quite well
  • Nightshifts: Most shifts are in the evening allowing you time to ride during the day!


  • High pressure: You will constantly be serving people, and it must be done at a very high level of customer service.
  • Experience required: Serving jobs require more experience in Canada than they do in Australia or New Zealand. Generally if you have less than a few years of experience you’ll be starting out as a busser or runner, not a server.

Retail Shops


Selling the latest gear and kit to resort customers, plus stocking the store and keeping things tidy! This is a great indoor role.


  • Discounts; you will access discounts on gear, which is always good! Plus you will be up to date on the latest kit & gear!
  • Fun; retail tends to be a fun and team oriented department which makes it a very popular choice amongst participants


  • Fewer ride breaks; you’re typically busy all day, so it is harder to get out for a run on your break


Guest Services


You will be dealing with loads of customers face to face, selling tickets and answering any enquiry. Another very popular resort job.


  • Interaction with guests; you’re chatting to guests, selling tickets, answering questions…it’s a very social position
  • Indoors; if you don’t like the cold, this is a great indoors option


  • Crazy customers; you know the ones, irrational/angry because there was no fresh powder falling from the skies overnight… as if you control Mother Nature.


Night Cleaner/housekeeper


Don’t knock cleaning… this is a great winter resort job!


  • Out of the elements; you’re indoors and it’s warm! This is a huge perk when it’s – 20
  • Chill; In general this role is not too taxing as you are typically making beds and organising the room
  • Less facetime; you’re not really dealing with customers face to face that often so you can put your headphones in and get the job done. Great if you are not keen on people, or looking for a low-pressure role
  • Lost & found; generally you get dibs on stuff that you find if it’s not claimed by the owner


  • Fewer ride breaks; you’re indoors so you won’t get as many ride breaks compared to lift ops


Ski & Snowboard Instructor


Teaching people how to shred the gnar… typically teaching kids how to get down the kiddie slopes safely.


  • Ride time; you’re on the mountain every day! When there’s powder you’re taking advantage of it.
  • Tips; a good instructor can do very well with tips!
  • Career potential – if you’re motivated to move up to Level 2 or 3 instructing you can be hired by resorts all over the world


  • Hierarchical; return instructors get precedence over new instructors, so filling your day can be difficult
  • Low wages; as a new instructor you won’t get many hours or make a lot of money so you may have to take extra jobs to cover expenses


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