The way we apply for IEC working holiday visa’s in Canada is changing! A new part of the application process for the working holiday visa is being added soon which will change the way you apply for your visas. If you want to learn how this might impact your working holiday plans – we suggest you read on and if you have any questions – give us a call!

What is Biometrics and Why do I need to do it?

Biometrics collection is a process that a countries immigration agency implements to maintain secure borders from all temporary entrants to the country. As a part of the IEC visa application process you will be required to visit a Canadian Visa Application Center at which a Biometric Officer will take your fingerprints and a photo to keep on file prior to and during your travels.

The reason Canadian immigration is introducing this process is because it’s a reliable and accurate way to establish the identity of persons of interest. It helps deter, detect and stop the entry people who pose a risk to the health, safety and security of Canadians and other temp entrants!

Who needs to do it?

Pretty much anyone that applies for a temporary visa in Canada. That is everything from visitor visas, to work permits. That means that anyone that goes on any of our working holidays in Canada will have to complete biometric collection.

When does it come into effect?

At this stage – the Canadian Immigration website is indicating that the changes will take effect at the end of this year. That means any visa applications that are submitted in the new year will be subject to Biometric collection. Any working holiday visa applications submitted before that will not have to complete the biometric collection process.

Where can I do it?

At the moment there is only one Canada Visa Application Center listed on the VFS Global website. That center is in the Auckland CBD. It is indicated on the CIC website that there is budget set aside to implement more Canada Visa Application Centers but the list of where those centers might be, has not been shared. There is no indication whether there will be more New Zealand locations or not. Unfortunately, if there is no location in your town or city – you will be required to travel to the nearest Visa Application Center to complete your Biometrics collection if you are wanting to travel to Canada.

How will it affect the current process?

At this stage there is no indication of how much time will be added onto the entire application process. As soon as we know more about the changes to processing time we will update you. There will be an additional processing fee for this step in the application. It will cost a further $85CAD which brings the total 3rd party costs to $335CAD ($380NZD).

What should I do?

There is nothing to be concerned about! However – if you do not live in a town/city that has a VAC and you don’t want to have to pay the travel costs to get there – simply apply for one of our programs before the IEC Visa Pool closes in approximately September. We can assist you with getting your visa, finding work once you have arrived or even landing you a job before you leave! Check out our programs below, decide which is best for you and then jump on-board!

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