You asked for it – you got it!


We’ve been getting loads of requests for a deposit option on our gap year programs that would allow you to secure a spot on the program, but also get a jump on the entire application process! Well since all of you asked so nicely… here ya go!

We’ve decided to roll out deposit options for two of our most popular programs:


How does it work?


All you need to do is pay a deposit of $295 to get the ball rolling! This secures your spot on the program and allows us to get a jump on all the paperwork! The remaining balance of the program fee must be paid within 8 weeks of your initial deposit – easy as.

Don’t stress if you need a bit of help – we can arrange a payment plan specifically tailored for you. Just contact us here.

  • Work Canada Winter Jobs – Only $295
    To apply for for Work Canada Winter Jobs just follow these 10 steps and you will be arriving to Canada with a job in hand!
  • Work USA – Only $295
    To apply for Work USA it’s a simple 9 step process that will having living the American dream in no time!


Why take advantage of this offer?


Maybe you struggle with saving (who doesn’t – we blame online shopping; it’s too damn easy) or maybe you just want to put your plans into action, either way we want to make your gap year possible. Here’s why you should take advantage of this offer:

  • Distribute the cost of your working holiday over a longer period of time or a couple paycheques.
  • Skip the stress of a last minute application – get it started early!
  • Get in before it sells out! The Work Canada Winter Jobs program works on a first in, first served basis. So why wait!?! Apply ASAP and secure your pick of jobs and resorts.
  • Get social! The Work USA’s members only Facebook group is an amazing resource where you can meet your future travel buddies, ask questions to people who are there and check out the job leads from other participants!
  • Gain access to all our expert travel materials!


What happens if I am not eligible?


After you apply and pay the deposit we will be in touch within 24-48 hours to welcome you to the program and double check your eligibility. If you aren’t eligible for the program you applied for you will be given a full refund.




If you have some questions about our program or payment options just contact us here, come to a free info evening or call us on 0800 700 705. We can answer any of your questions and even register you over the phone. Start your gap year today!