Thanksgiving is a MASSIVE celebration in America – but so is Black Friday! After the Americans have spent the day with their family reflecting on their blessings, the next day they need to go out and buy more to be grateful for. Crazy sales and discounts are on in every store and we want to join the party!


To celebrate Black Friday, we’re giving you 75% off your application fee! That’s 75% off the usual $199 application fee – here’s some reasons why you should sign up for Summer Camp USA: 


The hardest job you’ll ever love


Going to camp is a great time to test your ability to live away from home because you pretty much head straight to another family! Your food is cooked for you, which is usually deliciously American, and you don’t have to worry about finding accommodation or even paying rent. You just have to work on being the best counsellor you can be.


The sweet life of a Camp Counsellor


A typical day in the life of a counsellor includes endless outdoor activities, enthusiastic little campers and honestly, just lots of fun. Whether you’re at the waterfront, arts and crafts, tennis or some real-life American baseball – no two days are ever the same. The evenings are usually filled with talents shows, movie nights and even the odd smores session. It’s all go, go, go!


Don’t forget about all the travel!


On your visa, you are given 30 days to travel after camp. You can use this time to travel through the 50 states, each of which have their own character, cuisine and culture. They’re all so different – they’re like mini countries. You may start in the bright lights of NYC, head to the museums in Washington, meet some horses in Nashville and then blow what’s left of your money in Vegas! Depending on where your camp is you may get to use your days off to go exploring as well.


Sign up and save BIG


The American camp directors have already started hiring people! We currently have loads people placed and ready to go for the June-September 2018 season. If you love the outdoors, children and fried chicken then you definitely need to get on our program. The sooner you sign up, the sooner our 1000’s of summer camps can see your profile – these camps place counsellors from IEP every single year. Sign up now to score yourself the sweetest Christmas present – an endless summer filled with adventure!


Use the code ‘blackfriday and receive 75% off your application fee! This code expires on Sunday 26th November at midnight.