It might seem like US Summer 2020 is far away but it will roll around quicker than you think. That means that Summer Camp USA will be within our sights incredibly soon! It may not seem like something you need to act on now but – trust us – the earlier in the hiring season you do it the better! Have a read of the top 5 reasons you should get your Summer Camp application in for America 2020!


The earlier you apply, the more jobs are available


It’s simple math! Camps in the US are beginning to hire their camp staff earlier and earlier so they have less to worry about when in the final stages of preparing for camp opening day. That means if you get your application for Summer Camp USA in early, we can complete your profile, land you an interview and score your Camp job. All while there are still tonnes of great roles at amazing camps available!


You’ll have plenty of time to perfect your application


We will work with you to make sure your camp profile/application is so good that any camp would be silly not to hire you. If you leave your Summer Camp USA application to the last minute, you’ll have too little time to perfect it and you risk not landing the ideal position. You’ll still have a great time – no doubt – but make sure you get the application in early so you don’t leave it to chance!


Ask the IEP Working Holiday Experts any questions


Aside from getting your application in, there is a lot to know about when doing a working holiday in the US. Do you need travel insurance? What kind of costs should you factor in? What do you need to pack for Summer Camp? Fortunately – the IEP Working Holiday Experts and Summer Camp USA coordinators have been in your position before and are able to answer all your questions. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience early to maximise your opportunities for a successful Summer Camp experience!


Plan your dream road trip


One of the biggest perks of the Summer Camp USA program is that you get to travel around the US for up to 30 days spending the money you made at camp! There are so many options, travel with friends, travel with other counsellors, travel alone – the choices are endless. Our Working Holiday experts can help you with any decisions or you can chat with Katrina Savage, our inhouse STA Travel Expert and she can give you a few options for what to do once you’ve finished up at camp. Perhaps you want to carry on your Working Holiday and head to Canada or the UK. We’ve got options for you and can offer a discount for select IEP Working Holiday program’s you might want to do after camp!


Access to FB groups – meet future colleagues/friends.


Once you have your camp job and your dream camp we will add you to our Camp Counsellors social groups where you can discuss where you are going, how you’re getting there, what you are going to do after and more! Meet your future work mates and fellow counsellors nice and early so you can shake some of the first day jitters when you arrive at camp.


There are a bunch of good reasons to get your summer camp application for 2020 in nice and early. Do yourself a favour and sign up to Summer Camp USA now! It costs $99 to get the ball rolling so what are you waiting for!