What does Pokemon, Oasis, the Fresh Prince of Belair and Lorde all have in common with IEP New Zealand? We all turned 20 years old in 2017!

20 Travel Tips from 20 Years of sending 1000’s of Kiwis on Gap Years


  1. Don’t come home early! The visas are once in a lifetime – make the most of it!
  2. Travel will change your life. We know it sounds clichéd but how can it not… you make friends from all over the world, live in a new culture, try new things & party!
  3. Home is where ever you are… as long as there is free wifi
  4. Read the instructions/guidelines! We know you are excited and want to get that visa underway, take 10 mins to read the guidelines. Trust us on this one!
  5. Be flexible… not literally, but go with the flow when it comes to travelling. You will miss that bus one day… another one will come along
  6. Budget.. keep track of where your money is going and live within your means
  7. You need less than you think. We see it all the time, the 70 litre pack with your entire life in it… where you are going has stores – you can buy it there!
  8. Tomorrow never comes… don’t put off your dream trip. Set a deadline, apply for the program, buy the ticket and go.
  9. Stay out of jail
  10. Take travel insurance… nobody wants to return home with a $100,000 bill
  11. Don’t overstay your visa – black marks on passport – that’s a stamp no one wants!
  12. Log-off Facebook and enjoy your surroundings.
  13. Don’t worry about getting fat – eat all the local food. Especially deep dish pizza, it will change your life – ‘Murica!
  14. Take loads of photos – yah be that guy…but maybe leave the selfie stick at home aye!
  15. Hang out with the locals. You didn’t move all that way to hang out with Kev from next suburb over
  16. Call your mother… she worries, you’ll always be her baby and we don’t want her calling us 😉
  17. Take a random job and try something new
  18. Follow the visa regulations; bring the required paperwork to the border official… he can easily turn you away if you don’t have everything organized
  19. Sleep when you are dead; make the most of your time abroad
  20. Book your arrival accommodation! We live a long way from pretty much everywhere and there is a very high chance you will be shattered when you arrive.


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