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Having a smooth application process is important to us! We are upfront with all costs and provide a comprehensive screening phone call ensuring you know how the program works. We try and answer all your questions and then provide you with our expert travel materials that will prepare you for your next step. Our entire application process is outlined below for you to review.

Be aware that there are some dodgy companies out there that will try and pressure you into applying. Always read the T&C’s and beware of all the costs. If the costs aren’t listed on the companies website – we recommend walking away.

At IEP, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service on the market – if you aren’t happy after the initial phone call we will refund you in full.

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Step 1

Apply online:
Applications are now open! Apply online here.
You will just need to pay your $295 deposit fee to apply. 

Step 2

In person or Skype interview:
We want to meet you and find out what your plans are for your trip! Some typical questions would be; why work in the USA, type of work you will look for, where do you want to live and so on.

Step 3

Create your American Resume: We will give you a guideline & example to follow. Send it to us to review.

Step 4

Employer & Interviews:
We will send you the employer information and booking forms so you can select which employer and job you want to apply for.

Step 5

Job Interviews:
You will Skype interview with your chosen employer. The American employer will let you know within 2 weeks of the Skype interview whether you were successful in securing employment.

If you are not successful with that employer we can arrange a second interview with another employer of your choice.

Step 6

Documents sent to US:
You will return all of the documentation that we initially sent you after you submitted your application. This will be:

  • Personal Details form
  • Participant Agreement form
  • Reference forms
  • Proof of Student Status form
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of any previous J1 Visas

We will then review these documents to ensure they are correct and batch them to be sent to the US for your work permit/DS2019. Batches are sent on the 1st & 15th of each month.

Step 7

Visa Processing:
Your documentation has been sent to the US and now our US sponsor is processing it. This can take anywhere from 1 – 2 weeks from the date it was batched.

Step 8

You now must arrange for payment of your insurance and then you will be given your DS2019 and your visa sponsor welcome pack, which will be couriered to you.

Step 9

Online Visa Application
You are provided with – Online Visa Instructions – in the courier pack. You will complete the visa application, pay the US Consulate fee ($160USD) and SEVIS fee ($35USD) and then book online your US Consulate interview in Auckland.

Step 10

US Consulate Interview
You will attend a US Consulate interview where they will ask you about your intentions in the US. The US Consulate will hold onto your DS2019 and passport for up to 4 business days (sometimes longer during busy periods). During this time they insert the J1 Visa into your passport that will allow you to work in the US. Your passport is then couriered back to you.

Step 11

This is the ideal time to purchase your flights. We have an in-house STA Agent, Katrina, who we highly recommend you speak with. Katrina has the ability to book a 18 month flexible ticket. This ticket gives you the flexibility to change your return dates over a 18 month period. She is the only agent in New Zealand that can offer these types of ticket and they are exclusive the IEP passengers.

Step 12

Pre-departure Orientation
It is a US Consulate requirement that you attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation session held at the IEP office in Auckland. If you are from outside of Auckland you will schedule your US Consulate interview and pre-departure orientation around the same time so you only need to take one trip to Auckland.

The pre departure orientation covers all the vital information you need to know about living and working in the US:

  • CV format
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining a tax file number
  • Tax and employment laws
  • Mobile Phones
  • Travel/Transportation
  • Much more!

After the pre-departure orientation you are free to head to the US to start your working holiday! 

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