Having a smooth application process is important to us! We are upfront with all costs and provide a comprehensive screening phone call ensuring you know how the program works. We try and answer all your questions and then provide you with our expert travel materials that will prepare you for your next step.

Our entire application process is outlined below for you to review. Be aware that there are some dodgy companies out there that will try and pressure you into applying. Always read the T&C’s and beware of all the costs. If the costs aren’t listed on the company’s website – we recommend walking away. At IEP, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service on the market – if you aren’t happy after the initial phone call we will refund you in full.

Step 1

Apply online: Start your online application by clicking a link for your preferred level of support below:

Work Britain (3 Months Arrival Support)

Work Britain Premium (24 Months of Arrival and Ongoing Support).

Step 2

Welcome Phone Call: After payment is made we will give you a call within 2 working days to welcome you to the program and answer any questions you may have. Then we can move on to the next step of the application.

Step 3

Visa application: After the welcome phone call you will be sent the UK visa guidelines for either the youth mobility or ancestry visa (your choice). We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the application. You will fill in your details, pay the visa fee and book a biometrics appointment (fingerprints and eye scan) Once you have attended your biometrics appointment you will need to either drop in or courier your completed visa application to IEP. IEP will review the application to make sure there are no errors and then submit it to the UK Visas and Immigration on your behalf. NOTE: If UK Visas and Immigration finds an error on your application they will deny your application and not disclose where the error was made. You will have to re-submit the application and pay the visa fee again. IEP GUARANTEES you get the visa on the first go! Criminal Record Form: If you have ever been arrested, convicted or given diversion you will need to obtain a police check and additional documents to support your application. IEP will be able to advise how you should go about obtaining these.

Step 4

Arrival Booking Form: After IEP have sent off your completed visa application you will be sent the arrival booking form. Complete this and return it back to IEP and we will arrange your arrival support in London. Now would be the time you book some arrival accommodation as well – if you would like or need assistance with that, let us know.

Step 5

Members Website: You will be contacted by our UK partner where you can book your arrival orientation. You can also find info on CV format, where to find work and accommodation, social events and much more.

Step 6

Work Visa Issued: Your passport will be returned back to you by UK Visas and Immigration. You will need to send IEP a copy of your work visa. We ask you to do this so we can review it to make sure it is issued for the right duration of time.

Step 7

Insurance: Now that you have the work visa you will need to get travel insurance to cover you for your time overseas. IEP has comprehensive policies on offer. For a quote please contact us at

Step 8

Flights: Katrina, our in-house STA Travel agent, is an expert on travel requirements for working holidays. Contact Katrina to find out about flights, tours, accommodation and more on 0800 55 66 90 or

Have questions before signing up? Fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch by phone and email!
Have questions before signing up? Fiill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch by phone and email!

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