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IEP New Zealand Ltd is part of a worldwide network of companies and partner organisations focused on helping people have amazing overseas work abroad experiences.

Our parent company BUNAC, which is headquartered in Britain, has been in the youth travel industry for over 40 years, specializing in work and volunteer abroad programs.

BUNAC was born out of the belief that travelling to another country and becoming part of that foreign community is one of the most exciting, fulfilling and life-changing experiences anyone can have.

From humble beginnings running exchange programs for British and American university students, BUNAC now has offices around the world, and every year we help tens of thousands of people have amazing adventures in all corners of the world.

IEP is a focused on providing the best possible support whilst keeping program fees as low as possible.

Work New Zealand

Every year thousands of travellers around the world come to New Zealand on our Work New Zealand program. This program provides orientation and accommodation on arrival, access to internet, phone and fax facilities, employment contacts and much more. It is the best way to get up and running in New Zealand. Click here to find out more.

Abbie Langdon – Working Holiday Expert

If you have ever been to a career expo/fair or attended one of our information evening’s, then it’s likely you have run into Abbie! Abbie worked at a Summer Camp in the US as Senior Horse riding Instructor pretty much straight out of high school. Abbie has heard just about every question there is to have about a working holiday – and has an answer for all of them! Countries Traveled – 7

Bronwyn Cheyne – Work Britain, Ireland & Japan Program Coordinator

Bronwyn Cheyne is our Jane of all trades. She runs our European & Japan programs and has a bunch of experience with Canada because she lived there! During her time in Canada Bron lived in Vancouver, Nelson and Montreal. Bronwyn makes sure that you have the adventure of a lifetime – and also to make sure the IEP team has a belly-full of baked goods. Countries Traveled- 5

Gareth Mangu – Marketing and Sales Team Leader

Gareth Mangu aka “IT Guy” is our in house digital marketing expert and pitches in with the sales team when needed. Gareth did 12 months in New York City working a few different jobs and has been back almost 4 years. There isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t yearning to go back! Countries Traveled – 8

Katrina Savage – STA Store Manager

Katrina ‘Treens’ Savage is our in house STA Travel agent and professional travel deal getter – and has been with IEP since its inception. Treens understands as good as any that travelling can be an expensive hobby. She did a stint in the UK so knows how financially challenging it can be to shift countries. That’s why Treens does her very best to find the best deals for our participants! Countries Traveled – 22

Myles Whittaker – Working Holiday Expert

Myles feels super fortunate to have visted many incredible places, but the most recent two year stint in Canada has been the most rewarding. Canada’s diversity both physical and cultural are the things that make Canada so special to Myles. For fun Myles loves to play music, sports and do almost every outdoor activity! The most exciting thing about working for IEP is working in such a dynamic industry helping people experience the same things that he has been able to do in his own travels. Countries traveled – 17

Natalie Robinson – Business Development Manager

Natalie Robinson – our Business Development Manager – has been with IEP since 2015 in different positions and has worked in travel for 20 years! Nat is in charge of fostering relationships with organisations across the country. She is also our resident Brit which means she has sung the song “It’s Coming Home” at least once in the last 12 months. Countries Traveled – 34

Ross Carrel – Finance Manager

Ross – our longest standing team member having been with IEP since 2008 – loves how we help so many people travel the world and enjoys the company culture here. Ross’ favourite place in the world to visit is Vietnam for the amazing culture and incredible food. When Ross isn’t busy traveling the world or attending the Commonwealth games he is out fishing chasing the “big” one! Countries Traveled – 32